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Real Estate Secrets When Selling Home

Discount Brokers/Limited Service Brokers Can Be a Good Choice.

Regardless of what the industry tells you (including real estate agents) these firms have a place at the dinner table and serve a vital function in the industry. Let’s be honest – all people are a little frugal, and if you could find a cheaper alternative to paying a Realtor, you would. On occasion, discount brokers/limited service brokers can save you money.

Here are two specific cases where we refer our clients to limited services/discount Realtors:

Scenario 1: You have a home under $120,000 (don’t be jealous, Californians and New Yorkers).

Real Estate is a business, and agents are people who rely on that business to pay their own bills. So, if your agent works at a firm that takes a cut of the commission (in many cases 30-50%), the agent must determine if selling your home is a good business decision. Lets look at the numbers:

  • Home Price = $120,000
  • 3% commission (Listing Side only) = $3600
  • Minus Firm Split (35%) = – $1260
  • Minus Taxes (25%) = – $900
  • Minus marketing = – $800
  • Leaves a net commission of $640, to the agent

If the agent only nets …

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Sell Minimalist Homes

Find the right buyers.

When selling a certain type of house, it only makes sense that you pitch it to people who would most likely buy it. People’s tastes in houses vary, so you have to pinpoint who are most likely to buy a minimalist house. Here are some of the potential buyers to look for:

  • Art-minded people often prefer places where there are less furniture so they can paint or carve and do their artworks free from distractions.
  • The young adults who want smaller homes because it needs little maintenance and costs less.
  • Seniors
  • People who love Asian architecture and interior designs since most many Asian homes are minimalist in nature. Zen home renovation, which features minimalist designs, is in demand among Asian homeowners.

Make good visual presentations.

You can’t convince people a house is good with mere words and description. The modern mantra is “see it to believe it.” Visual presentations like a 3D architectural visualization made with 3D rendering and 3D modeling software will convince people more than regular photographs. Because while people believe that ‘seeing is believing’, seeing in 3D and 360 degree visuals is better.

Use social media and the internet

Use the internet to …

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Advantages of Selling Home Privately

  • If you become an agent for your home, you will be able to price it more realistically. This is because when an agent prices a property, he may overprice it in order to get the business. Or, he may underprice it in order to sell it quickly. You can price your house accurately by checking the prices of similar properties in the locality. You could seek the help of an evaluator for pricing. This is beneficial because a third- party with no vested interest will be able to give a more precise value of the property.
  • You can list your home on a property portal of your choice. You also have the flexibility to list on multiple websites. Additionally, you can share your listing on social media sites for more exposure. All this enables you to find a seeker easily for your property.
  • You can use your creativity to describe your home online. You can upload videos, and attractive pictures of your property to attract prospects.
  • You know your home the best. Therefore, you are the best person to interact with the prospects and sell your property. When you describe your property to the prospect, you don’t need to take
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COBRA Of Home Selling

  1. Curb appeal: Potential home buyers are influenced, to a large degree, by their first impressions. One must remember, and understand, there is only one chance, to make a first impression, and the first thing, they see, is the house, as they drive up, and approach it! This quality is often referred to as curb appeal, and, is created by a combination of factors. The most essential, first, preparatory step, must be eliminating any negative distractions, and/ or potentially considered eye – sores! Some considerations should include: overall appearance; condition of grounds, flowers, plants, lawn, etc; paint touch – ups; clutter, etc.
  2. Odors: Once you consider and address curb appeal, in order to sufficiently attract potential buyers, to look, more, the next essential consideration, is to perform the nose – test! Walk into your home, objectively, and check to see, if there are any unpleasant, distracting odors, and/ or smells, and effectively address them, and eliminate these distractions! Failing to do so, often loses, otherwise, qualified potential buyers!
  3. Benefits: Accentuate the positive, and focus on addressing, articulating and communicating the finest assets of the house! When the primary emphasis is on benefits, a potential buyer is better able, to
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Selling House in Colorado Springs

Average Selling Price

The average selling price of a home is $325,000. This is much higher than just a few years ago. There is limited inventory in the city of Colorado Springs, and many people want to move to the area. One of the biggest benefits of living in Colorado Springs is the public school system. This is a great place to raise a family; one reason why home prices are eight percent higher than last year.

Until more homes are built, the average selling price of a home in this popular city will continue increasing.

Average Days on Market

The average days on market metric is 53 days here. This metric shows that homes are selling within a few days of listing. The closing process for a home usually takes about 45 days. Some homes take months to sell, and there are homes that have sold within a few minutes of listing.

Even with housing prices higher than last year, this metric has decreased from a year ago. This shows how high demand is for homes in this location

Average Number of Homes Sold

Each month, there are about 270 homes that sell here. This number increases in the …

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Get Rid of a House That Won’t Sell

To increase chances of being noticed by potential buyers, you even removed emblems and other signs of affiliation. You also agreed with your agent to have your pets be no-show when buyers want to see the house.

But despite these efforts, your house still stays in the seller’s market for some time. Some house just few blocks from yours have already sold in just a few days or a week.You start wondering and contemplating of the probable problems.

Well, it could be high time for you to check the tag you’ve labeled your house with. According to real estate reports, buyers are still considering price tags to fit their budgets first before considering other factors such as needs, functions, and appearance of the house.

Put in mind that a house is a commodity too. Like other goods which we buy from day-to-day, the price tag matters a lot. We are buying goods because we believe their prices are right. It will be the same principle that applies to houses in the seller’s market. If you were the buyer, would you go after a house that has a high price tag than what your budget can afford? Certainly not.

Tap the …

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Selling Real Estate Land

Review the land survey to get some of the figures and facts that you want to use as selling points on the land for sale. This can include the acreage or square foot of the lot, if there is anything sitting on the land such as a building, and the shape of the lot. Even if it does not have any actual buildings, there may be other selling points like trees, a pond or lake, sewer system or well, etc. You should also research thoroughly any zoning options the property could have.

You should talk to your neighbors to see if they would be interested in buying the property before you put it up for sale, whether it is in an urban or rural setting. If you are able to sell it to one of the neighbors, it will help to relieve you of putting together a plan to promote the selling of the land, advertising it, and possibly having to pay a commission to a real estate agent.

When putting your land for sale it does not limit you to selling it to people living in the immediate area. If you do have to put together a marketing plan …

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Steps To Professionally Showing A House

  1. An agent must know his client: Never assume every homeowner is the same, or even has the same priorities and/ or goals. In my over a decade, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have often explained, during my presentation to potential clients, I will endeavor to get them the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle/ aggravation. However, one of these ingredients might be more important than another, dependent upon the homeowner. Before beginning, have a thorough, frank, getting – to – know – you, discussion!
  2. Pre – discuss the property, before it’s shown: In terms of your client (the homeowner), this means walking through the home and grounds, and pointing out areas of strength, as well as weaknesses, which might impact how effectively it will show. Features to discuss include: clutter; paint touch – ups; grounds’ condition; curb appeal; etc. Will staging benefit the marketing of this house? When showing the house to potential buyers (customers), know what they are looking for, and tailor – make the presentation, based on their needs, and priorities!
  3. Truly show: Have you ever gone to an Open
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Fix Before Selling A Home

Some renovations will return a positive ROI while others may be money pits. There are many variables to consider when deciding on whether or not to renovate before selling. Among the top items to consider is the current market, comparables in the neighborhood, the home’s value with and without renovations and the timeline for selling. In a competitive market, renovations will most likely not be necessary before selling the property. Whereas, in a slower market (where the property needs to measure up to the competition) a renovation may be necessary to even the playing field.

Minor vs. Major Renovations Before Selling

The best thing to do is start out with some minor cosmetic upgrades instead of investing a lot of time and money into a full renovation. By thinking small it can still get buyers in the door. Here are a few top minor renovations to consider to add more value to your home before selling:

  • Doors – The front door is typically the first and last thing that potential buyers see when touring a home. So it’s no surprise that replacing an existing front door can net you a full return on investment. A 2015 Cost vs. Value Report
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Secrets for Selling Home Fast

Half-empty closets

Nowadays, every purchaser is in search of storage. So, you should create enough space in your closets. All you have to do is remove half the things from your closets and then re-organize the rest of the stuff. This will impress the buyers. Also, make sure all of your cabinets and closets are neat and clean.

Light it up

Make sure you light up your house. After location, lighting is something that all buyers care about. What you need to do is remove the drapes, dust the windows, install quality light bulbs, change the lampshades and cut the bushes. Actually, the idea is to make your home as bright as possible.

Play the agent field

One mistake that you don’t want to make is hiring an inexperienced broker. What you need to do is do your homework to get an experienced broker. The professional should be able to monitor the MLS. He should have the information about the houses that are going to be on the market. Actually, you should look for a broker who uses technology in order to do their business.

Conceal the critters

Like most house owners, you may think that having a cat or …

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