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COBRA Of Home Selling

  1. Curb appeal: Potential home buyers are influenced, to a large degree, by their first impressions. One must remember, and understand, there is only one chance, to make a first impression, and the first thing, they see, is the house, as they drive up, and approach it! This quality is often referred to as curb appeal, and, is created by a combination of factors. The most essential, first, preparatory step, must be eliminating any negative distractions, and/ or potentially considered eye – sores! Some considerations should include: overall appearance; condition of grounds, flowers, plants, lawn, etc; paint touch – ups; clutter, etc.
  2. Odors: Once you consider and address curb appeal, in order to sufficiently attract potential buyers, to look, more, the next essential consideration, is to perform the nose – test! Walk into your home, objectively, and check to see, if there are any unpleasant, distracting odors, and/ or smells, and effectively address them, and eliminate these distractions! Failing to do so, often loses, otherwise, qualified potential buyers!
  3. Benefits: Accentuate the positive, and focus on addressing, articulating and communicating the finest assets of the house! When the primary emphasis is on benefits, a potential buyer is better able, to visualize living in it, which is a key, first step, in closing the deal, and selling the home!
  4. Reasons; relevant: How will you articulate the reasons, someone might consider your house, over the competition? These considerations must be, both realistic, and relevant, and might include: the overall condition of the house (also known as the bones); specific positive features; location/ neighborhood; schools; transportation; safety; etc.
  5. Attention; assets: Always accentuate the positive, by focusing attention, to the best features, which might attract their attention, in a positive, motivating way! Many have found it helpful, to utilize the services of a professional home stager, who understands, the best ways, to do so! Every house has certain assets, as well as liabilities, and meeting a homeowners objectives, is often dependent on doing so effectively!