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First-Time Home Sellers

Decide to Sell

Before you can sell your home you need to decide if you are fully prepared for all that it entails. You will need to research partners to work with, know the market and be emotionally ready to part with your home. Thinking of your home as just a house – without the sentimental attachment – will be difficult; but in most cases, this will help you to be realistic about the worth and overall condition of your home. With potential buyers using the internet more and more to research prospective homes you only get one chance to show them why your home is right for them. Be up front with your price and your condition.

Plan Ahead

Where will your family go once your home sells? Have this plan prepared before you put your home on the market so that your family is ready for whatever comes. A home can move from “listed” to “closing” very quickly, so it saves time and worry if you already know where you will go once your home sells.

Find a Reputable Partner

Finding a reputable real estate partner becomes an important part of selling your home, but the specific partner you choose will become your direct contact. Your partner will be your connection between potential buyers, your resource when you have questions about the market and they will help you decide what price you should list your home at in the current market. In most situations, you enter into a three to six month contract with a real estate agent, after which you will pay them a commission once the home is sold. It is important to find an agent you can trust and who has a successful record selling homes in your area.