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New Home Buyers Beware

As you stroll up to the door of the model home in these communities you are often greeted by one of these cheerful agents who is happy to show you around the home(s) and tell you all about the features. Your first question of this Realtor should be, “Who do you represent, the buyer or the seller?” An easy answer for the agent is, “I can represent both you and the seller” – this is known as dual agency. In other words, the agent will simply fill out the paperwork for the transaction without advising either party as to what may be in his best interest.

As a buyer, you will fare much better in your transaction if you work with a Realtor who is representing ONLY you. This person is a Buyer’s Agent. Your Realtor will be negotiating for you, helping you to make important decisions with your best interest in mind, helping you to find the right home! Many people feel they are quite capable of making decisions without an agent; however, Buyer’s Agents solely represent the buyer and have a fiduciary duty to act in the buyer’s best interest throughout the transaction process. Licensed agents have specialized tools to help get you, the buyer, the best deal and know how to negotiate the legal contract on your behalf.

Can you make a purchase or sell a home without an agent? Of course, you can! Will you have more information and technology working for you with a Realtor? Of course, you will! This is usually provided to the buyer at no cost since the seller typically pays the Buyer’s Agent! Why, then, would you not take advantage of this extra service, expertise, and technology?

Next time you plan to make one of the biggest decisions of a lifetime, your home purchase, be a savvy shopper by hiring a professional Realtor – your personal advocate who strives to do the right thing for you!