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Pick the Right Buyers Advocate

Knowledge of local market

When searching for a buyers agent, look for one with a thorough knowledge of the local market. This is regardless you are buying in your locality or in another state.

An agent should not only know the best streets in a suburb but also those with a potential for upgrades and those that you need to avoid. Also, he or she should be able to get quick access to listings before they are released to the market.


Make sure to check the credentials of your buyers agent. Find out his qualifications including any training he or she has undergone, what real estate associations he or she is affiliated with and whether the groups are credible. You can also ask if the buyers advocate has industry qualifications in other states.

One reputable association for buyers advocates in the real estate industry is the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia (REBAA). This group is composed of accredited professional and licensed buyers advocates in every state who are exclusive and covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Right Connections

A buyers advocate should also have established connections not only in

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Real Estate Closings

  1. Where the earnest money came from: Lending institutions often question, where one got the funds, to put down, also known as the earnest money. For example, if a property sells for $500,000, and you are to put 20% down, that means $100,000 down – payment. Generally, when you sign the contract, you will be expected to put an amount down, known as earnest money. This amount is often 10%, so in this case, someone would put $50,000 down, upon signing the contract, and a similar amount payable at the closing. You might often be asked to show where this money came from, by submitting a few months bank statements, or investment statements, etc.
  2. Tax returns: Mortgage banks and brokers, generally require the buyer, to submit the two, most recent, years, tax returns. This is generally done, by signing a form, permitting, them to get these from the government. Be prepared to answer anything, which might tend to be somewhat confusing!
  3. Investment statements: Gather the investment statements from your investments. Generally, you will be asked, also, for the past year, or two, and especially, the most recent few quarters.
  4. Bank statements: You’ll have to provide, at
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Avoid Getting Outbid By Cash Buyers

  1. Go through a lender that will give you a full qualification: That means he’s running your credit and will fully prepare your loan. All you have to do is find acceptable collateral, it is generally regarded as a much stronger offer because the buyer is fully qualified.
  2. Pay closing costs: Depending on the state you’re in, closing costs will be approximately about 2% for the seller, consider bearing the cost, the seller will look at your offer far more favorably.
  3. Let the seller’s agent pick the closer: In many states this is a title organization and they’re all really equipped. It doesn’t make a difference to me who brings home the bacon (as long as it closes), so let the seller’s agent pick, they have personal connections they might want to cultivate and they’ll be prone to advance your offer better.
  4. Make aggressive offers: If you are not finding properties well worth making aggressive offers on, keep looking. When you find a property that’s worth more than the selling price, offer what it is worth. If you’re making weak offers, especially as a financed offer, you’ll lose out there.
  5. Put out your financing contingency:
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Real HOPES Of Buying A New Home

  1. Heart; heating: The heart of a home, must focus on, the essential bones, of the specific property. A smart buyer recognizes, while one can alter, and amend, the cosmetic aspects of a house, such as painting, flooring, etc, with a minimum of hassle and costs, if the main components, of the property, are weakened, and/ or compromised, you may be purchasing a Money Pit, instead of an enjoyable place to live! Carefully inspect, and consider, the condition, age, and effectiveness of the heating and air – conditioning (HVAC), as well as overall, air quality! Consider, how long, you will be satisfied, with items, such as your kitchen, and bathrooms, because, if this will need renovation, in the near future, a wise home buyer, will factor that additional cost, into his financial estimates, and abilities.
  2. Options; opportunities; organized: Is the way, the particular house, is set – up, and organized, something, which you feel, will fit your needs, goals, and personality? Are there any specific options, which you believe, are essential and relevant, to your potential, to fully enjoy, the house? If there’s something, you aren’t 100%, in love with, are there realistic opportunities, to make certain changes?
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Buy Land in Mexico

From briefly look at this section of the Mexican constitution from 1917, it looks like it took a lot of land away from people. It changed the concept of land ownership to one where the government actually owns all the land and even though they sell it to individuals for use, the government can get it back if they want it. From what I’ve seen this doesn’t happen very often and when it does it is similar to what happens in the U.S. when they put in a highway through an area that used to be private property–the government has to pay a reasonable price for the land.

Other than the “restricted zone” foreigners can own land subject to Mexican law. Just because you are a U.S. citizen doesn’t mean the land becomes U.S. property. It is treated just like a Mexican citizen owned it.

If you are looking to buy property in Mexico keep in mind that there is no type of real estate license required. Anyone can sell real estate and there isn’t any type of code of ethics that they all agree with. You will want to work with someone trust worthy.

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Benefits of Tankless Hot Water Heaters

The tankless hot water heater is also known as instantaneous or on-demand water heater – which brings up the second huge advantage: the supply of hot water is practically unlimited, and you can use as much or as little as you need, when you need it. With tanks, you always have to keep an eye on the existing amount, and there’s nothing more annoying than running out of hot water during the morning shower.

This system also makes this type of heater extremely energy efficient, which means more opportunities to save some cash for the owner, as well as more protection for the environment, with a green and eco-friendly device. In a regular tank, the water gets heated, and remains heated, whether people are going to use it or not. Obviously, that’s a considerable waste, and the bills do add up quicker than you’d think.

The tankless system is green not only because it’s more energy efficient, but also because it helps save water on the long term. Since the temperature control is quite precise, there’s no need to let the water running when it’s too hot or too cold. Of course, this also greatly reduces

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Energy Efficient Products for a Greener Home

  • Energy star labeled products are considerably increasing in popularity. The good part is that they are not very expensive. While replacing an old air conditioner, refrigerator or even a microwave, all you need to do is look for the energy star label and you would find amazing choices in different price ranges.
  • Installing Low-Emittance doors and windows is an effective building trend used by builders. They not only offer natural light to the home, but also block Ultra Violet rays of the sun, which heat up the interiors during summers. These doors and windows have some rating, depending on the percentage of sun rays they can block.
  • Having a solar water heater is yet another way that can save you a lot of energy, as well as money. Conventional water heaters consume more energy, than the ones powered by solar energy. These solar-powered heaters work by installing solar panels on the attic of the house.
  • Copper roofs, which are getting quite popular these days, also make an excellent option for making a house green. For those, who think that this type of roof is no more than a tool to provide unique looks to a
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Compassion and Cash Flow

I’m a compassionate person, always trying to believe the best about people, and while I continue that philosophy, there have been times (this being one) where I was taken advantage of. There are two schools of thought; one being the tough and tenacious one, always keeping a certain distance between you and your tenant. The flip side is the compassion one, where you get to know the renter and their family (that’s the one I’d practiced in this scenario). While one will rarely allow a social interaction, the other can cause its own set of headaches.

What I’ll aim for in the future is a blend between the two. I refuse to change my philosophy about life (its keep me sane and happy) still I realize there are those who would take advantage of anyone’s kindness. In other words (as heard in political circles) “trust but verify”.

No matter whom the person is; family, friend or stranger, always get references and a security deposit. In my case, if I hadn’t had the deposit, I’d have been out the money to get the carpets cleaned, not the end of the world, but not good business either.

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Miami Beach Real Estate

He would use this building as a show room so that his prospective buyers could have the opportunity to witness for themselves the potential of the beautiful land. He would take his guests to the terrace of the top floor to scope out the surrounding areas. Eventually, the prospects became his investors, and development in Miami Beach blossomed. Buyers started to line up for a piece of the action.

After 20 years, Miami Beach, Bal Harbour, and Aventura reaped the benefits of Fisher’s image. In fact, in 2005, Miami Beach real estate saw a record breaking year with the appreciation of new construction and resale lands appreciating at six percent. With the rich and famous continuing to build their homes there, the appeal of the area has only continued to rise. Mortgage rates are now down adding more fuel to the fire for the attraction of properties in the area. Interest rates are more favorable than ever. The entertainment, diverse culture, high-end shopping, fine dining, world-class boating, the finest greens for golf, and the opportunity to rub elbows with its elite citizens are icing on the cake. And the year-round tropical climate is the cherry on top.

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Property Management Advice

Let’s think about what we’re actually doing when we rent a property. Instead of thinking of the property as a monthly income generator think of it as a pile of cash. Cash you have tied up in the deposit and purchasing costs. Cash you hope to gain a regular income from through renting and more cash that you’ll receive if you sell the property and realise your capital gains. (Assuming house prices have risen since you purchased). If you include in this the value you place on your time spend finding the property, buying and arranging the rental then we have a very serious investment on our hands indeed.

Now, imagine all that money in real, tangible terms, stacked up in a room in the house and then consider we hand over the keys to someone and say, “See you next year”. Now we can begin to see how important it is to select the right tenant. Of course, I’m being dramatic and we do have legal safe guards but I hope that by considering your investment in terms of hard cash (like a professional investor) then you’ll treat the question of occupancy very seriously.


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