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Advantages Selling Home In Winter

The reality is, real estate is sold, year – around, and, every season, brings, certain advantages, as well as disadvantages. With that in mind, will attempt to briefly discuss, and examine, some advantages of selling your home, during the winter season, and how, realizing these, and using them properly and appropriately, makes a quality difference, and transforms, potential, lemons, into lemonade.

  • Motivated, qualified buyers: Although fewer people seek houses, during winter, than in peak season, those shopping for a new home, during winter, are generally, truly motivated, qualified buyers. While there are both, fewer houses on the market, as well as less shopping for a new house, those who are searching, are usually, more interested, and there are far fewer, lookers, than during more popular shopping seasons!
  • Less competition: When you list, your house, during winter, you will have far less competition, because many homeowners, avoid the selling process, during winter. Obviously, even though there may be fewer buyers, since there is also fewer houses, on the real estate market, you enjoy a certain degree of advantage!
  • Out,
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Halloween As a Perfect Time to Sell House

  • Improve curb appeal. Your house should be noticeable from a few meters from the streets. Ensure that it is still a head turner that even passersby will admire what they see. The lawn, the garden and the home itself should be as inviting as they can be. Remember that Halloween is a time when many families and groups of people are out to that trickin’ and treatin’.
  • Host a Halloween Party cum open house. Why not fuse the event with the goal of marketing your house. Hosting a party on that spooky night will allow many persons to see your house and its features. The occasion is perfect to entice parents and kids. Don’t forget to put a yard signage that Trick or Treat is going on. Oh, and don’t forget to prep up on your sweets and candies as kids will be your primary guests.
  • Stage the house with little touches of the occasion. Home staging is a tricky process. You always have to learn to separate yourself to that space which has become your dwelling for long period. Treat your potential buyers by allowing them to feel as if the house is already theirs.
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Green With Rental Properties

Ownership or Renting, which is viable option for you? I know we want to own our homes but everyone is not capable of ownership, so what’s the answer to the Real Green with Rental Properties.

As a home owner, I have always tried to figure out how to add solar panels or create generators for energy in my home. Why can’t we have rental properties with green technology, so we can educate the tenants on why housing recycling is important to us all.

Well, we can with the understanding of not destroying rental homes because we do not own it. At some point we are all accountable for something green in this world we live in. The housing industry in no different based on fixing, remodeling, and selling homes in everyday business.

The Real Green with Rentals helps you explore the possibilities of recycling properties not just for profit but for the realization recycling. Everyday I realize how energy has evolved and it continues to grow.

Would you rent a home with solar panels for energy? I ask this question because we need to know answers about energy sources that can save us money.

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Mortgage Home Loan Packages


  • All in One Place. If you have had a few different accounts and cards with numerous institutions you will find it a lot more convenient and manageable to have all your banking with the one lender. Given the lender has probably offered you savings on accounts, cards and your mortgage, it wouldn’t make much sense to have accounts and cards at a higher rate or transactional costs with other institutions.
  • More Discounted Products. As mentioned, the four major banks own a big chunk of the existing market in mortgages and that gives them the ability to offer these package deals against which smaller lenders have difficulty competing. If you are looking to take out a home loan with a building society or a credit union, they usually offer products in which they specialise.
  • High Income. For high income earners, package deals will help build equity a lot quicker in an offset account. The savings on interest can be worked through a combination of having the salary reduce the interest charge and living off the credit card. Just remember to pay off the card each month!


  • Locked In. It’s not always smooth sailing when you are
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Steps To Financially Preparing To Buy A House

  1. Get a copy of your personal Credit Report: At least 6 months, prior to, beginning your house – hunting, get a copy of your personal Credit Report, and review it thoroughly. Take steps to correct any errors and/ or mistakes, in order to be as prepared, as possible. This can, either be done, by yourself, or, one can take advantage of using professionals, who might do so, for you! Remember, the better your report and credit score, the better your mortgage terms, and ease of securing the best one, for you!
  2. Correct, fix and address: Don’t merely get a copy, but correct it, if needed, fix any deficiencies, which might be detrimental, and address any issues, or potential ones. Again, you can do so, yourself, or use the assistance of a professional!
  3. Save as much as possible: Be prepared with the necessary funds for your down – payment, as well as any other funds needed, for Closing, In addition, begin to accumulate as much of a reserve, as possible, in order to maximize your enjoyment, and reduce the stress!
  4. Do not open any new credit: Often, when we shop, the store offers their Credit Card,
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Prepare for Homeownership

If you intend to finance your next home, the first step in the home buying process is to review your credit report to verify if there are any inaccuracies. Most lenders will require at least a 620-middle credit score for mortgage financing. The three main credit agencies are: Equifax, Experian, and Transunion. Your credit scores may affect more than just your mortgage options, they may also impact your ability to get a new job, get approved for a car loan, or even a credit card. By law, you can receive one free credit report each year to ensure all your information is correct at: annualcreditreport.com. Once you receive your free copy, make sure you thoroughly review your report for errors and to prevent identity theft.

The following factors are used to calculate your credit score:

  • Payment History (35%) – Late payments, judgments, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and collections will all negatively affect your credit.
  • Balances Owed (30%) – Higher balances on revolving debt and personal loans will negatively impact your credit scores.
  • Length of Credit (15%) – Established on-time credit accounts positively affect your credit scores.
  • Inquiries (10%) – When you apply for new debt,
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Benefits Of Adjustable Mortgages

  1. Qualifying: Sometimes, one may find it easier to qualify for an adjustable, rather than a fixed mortgage, because, the lower payments, are used, as part of the financial qualifying and qualification process. This may be the difference, for some, especially middle class, first – time homebuyers, between being able to, or unable to purchase one’s dream house, or home, of their own!
  2. Monthly costs: If the adjustable type, creates a lower monthly payment, because of the initial lower interest rate, it may make it somewhat less stressful, to go that way! Especially, when one purchases a property, and has an excellent chance of having a substantially higher income in the future, this may be a suggested approach.
  3. More house: If the introductory rate, either permits one to qualify for a higher amount of loan, or permits him to buy a more expensive house, which he desires, an adjustable mortgage, might be the preferred approach! While one should not buy or pay, more than he can somewhat comfortably afford, one’s future financial consideration and status, might suggest, this is the best course, to follow!
  4. How long you’ll live there: If you plan to reside in this
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Owning a Log Home

Advantages of owning a Log Home or Cabin

Energy efficient – Due to timber’s thermal mass, which accounts for the wood’s ability to store and release heat throughout the day and night, log homes are great at conserving energy, and maintaining temperatures. This means your home can be kept cool in the summer and warm in the winter without you having to rely so heavily on air conditioning units and central heating. They are generally regarded as being anywhere from 2.5% to over 20% more energy efficient, if built and caulked properly, as compared to an identical wood-frame home.

Log homes fit into the “green” lifestyle – If being environmentally conscious is important to you, going with log will be a good fit. Builders today tend to use logs from sustainable forests, to ensure that they are not depleting forests that are already in trouble. Combined with the energy efficiency referenced above, this means that they are very “green”.

Traditional charm with modern conveniences – many people love log cabins because they bring to mind a simpler way of life. In today’s homes, you can keep that traditional charm while also adding the modern conveniences

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Steel Buildings Go Green

Building Green

Green building design, also known as “sustainable building” is coming of age as we recognize that global resources are limited and that climate change is inevitable – unless we take positive action now.

Green building recognizes the environmental impact of buildings, their construction, life-cycle and ultimate demolition, and works to lessen this impact through

  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmentally sound building materials
  • Innovative building design
  • Healthy indoor environment
Environmentally Friendly Pre-engineered Steel Buildings

Pre-engineered steel buildings also known as prefabricated buildings or prefab metal buildings are an innovative building solution featuring solid steel I-beam building construction.

  • Pre-engineered buildings are designed and engineered by trained and certified structural metal building engineers to meet all local building codes for snow and wind load and seismic conditions.
  • Building components are engineered and fabricated to precise specifications using the highest grade commercial steel available.
  • Modern steel manufacturers employ energy efficient methods in steel production that help to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • When a steel building is demolished to make way for new construction the metal building materials don’t end up in a landfill like asphalt shingles, concrete, brick and
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House Flipping Laws

Flipping a house, or reselling a property quickly after purchasing, isn’t illegal. Because so many house flippers committed mortgage fraud or used predatory lending practices, HUD, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, is trying to protect home buyers. HUD also seeks to halt appraisals at inflated prices. The agency believes that house flippers artificially inflated prices.

Effective July 9, 2006, HUD changed their lending regulations for new FHA financing. To keep wholesalers from making a quick profit, only the actual owner of a home can sell a home with FHA, Federal Housing Administration, financing. To discourage house flipping, homes sold within 90 days of purchase won’t be eligible for FHA financing, either. Additionally, houses selling for twice as much as the purchase price in the time period between 91 and 180 days after the last sale require additional valuation data in order to qualify for FHA financing.

The exemptions to this policy include HUD, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, lenders selling real estate owned (foreclosures), local or state housing agencies, nonprofits with HUD permission to purchase discounted real estate owned properties, inherited properties, and dwellings located in presidentially declared disaster areas.

What does this
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