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Advantages of Selling Home Privately

  • If you become an agent for your home, you will be able to price it more realistically. This is because when an agent prices a property, he may overprice it in order to get the business. Or, he may underprice it in order to sell it quickly. You can price your house accurately by checking the prices of similar properties in the locality. You could seek the help of an evaluator for pricing. This is beneficial because a third- party with no vested interest will be able to give a more precise value of the property.
  • You can list your home on a property portal of your choice. You also have the flexibility to list on multiple websites. Additionally, you can share your listing on social media sites for more exposure. All this enables you to find a seeker easily for your property.
  • You can use your creativity to describe your home online. You can upload videos, and attractive pictures of your property to attract prospects.
  • You know your home the best. Therefore, you are the best person to interact with the prospects and sell your property. When you describe your property to the prospect,
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Land Grants From the US Government

The best way to secure a United States government land grant would be by creating some sort of school or university. It must be within the objectives of the government before it would ever be considered. If your ambitions are industrial or commercial in nature, you will have a much more difficult time getting through the door.

One of the most approved proposals if you do decide to go the land grant route are schools that are unique or cater to a segment of the population that is under served. For example, many land grants were created for the black and Hispanic communities. Many of the schools still in operation today were developed with government land grant money. They have a much higher rate of approval than anything else.

Land grants were enacted to develop more avenues for the farming and technical sector of the US. It is necessary to define enough land to keep these two sectors thriving. There is about one land grant in each state. You can do some local research to see how many of them are actually approved. Land grants costs the government a lot of money so they scrutinize every

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Home Mortgage Loans

Some of the various kinds of mortgages include Fixed Rate Mortgages, Adjustable Rate Mortgages, Government-Insured Loans, Conventional Mortgage Loans.

Fixed Rate Mortgages carry the exact same interest rate for the entire lifespan of the loan. This means that your monthly payment to the bank will be the exact same every month, year after year. These types of loans are often packaged as 15 year or 30-year loans. A 15-year package will naturally have higher monthly payments than a 30-year package because it must be paid off in less time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages, or ARM’s, are loans whose interest rate is in flux according to the market. Some ARM’s remained fixed for a certain number of years and then switch to an adjustable rate, while some ARM’s carry an adjustable rate for the initial years and then remain fixed. These are Hybrid ARM’s. An example of a Hybrid would be a 5/1 ARM loan where there is a fixed rate for the first five years, after which that rate will adjust every year to the market.

A conventional loan just means that it is not backed by the government. A Government-Insured loan is a loan that

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Buying an Older Home


  • Architectural details-in some of the older homes for sale you may be able to find some of the intricate woodwork that was carved out or crafted manually by carpenters as was done decades ago because there were none of the modern tools carpenters use today. This makes the architectural work irreplaceable and unique. There are no two older homes that will be similar in their style and look. Older homes are meant for those that enjoy the artisanship of that time.
  • Cost-effective-the one reason that older homes are relatively cost-effective is that you can get more square footage for a better price that you would pay for a new home with the same amount of square footage.
  • Bigger yards-when older and newer homes for sale you will most often find that the older houses have a bigger yard. This extra space can give you more room for a garden, to put in a swimming pool, and pets and children have more room to move and play. With larger yards, your neighbors are not right next to you as many new homes are.


  • Cost of refurnishing and repairs-sometimes an old home was
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Reasons to Invest in Eco Friendly Properties

Eco-friendly homes are also health-friendly

The natural materials used in eco-homes are also health-friendly. This is very beneficial to individuals with health conditions like asthma and other respiratory problems. There have been several studies linking the use of eco-friendly materials in home construction. Significant changes on health conditions were exhibited by individuals who are known asthma patients.

Further studies revealed that the more natural materials used in them help facilitate the flow of cleaner air inside homes. They are also less likely to contain plastic by-products which release toxic substances. These substances are generally linked to carcinogens or substances that contribute to the development of cancer cells.

These days, developers are more aware of the health consequences of the materials they are using when constructing properties. Home buyers just need the proper information to educate or at least warn them that eco-friendly homes are by far among the best choices when health conditions are considered.

Environment-friendly homes are energy-efficient

Today’s thrust in construction of properties gives focus on energy-efficiency. It is a known fact that the earth’s natural resources, from which man depends for water and energy, are becoming fastly depleted. In order

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Red Flag Land Developments

Restrictive covenants are provisions recorded against a parcel and referred to in the deed that spell out some affirmative or negative requirement concerning the use or development of the property. An affirmative covenant might be one stating that any structure built on a parcel be at least 3,000 sq. ft. in size. An example of a negative covenant would be one that prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages on the property, even where that use might be permitted by the current zoning classification. You can read a more in-depth discussion of deed restrictions and their implications on land development in the article entitled “Some Controls on Developing Property”.

Here’s the catch: sometimes there are binding restrictions you might not find anywhere in the deed. These could be official notes on plans or written conditions agreed to by the owner where the parcel had gone through subdivision or some other municipal proceeding in the past, such as an outright change of zoning or the granting of some type of variance. If you don’t do your research carefully, you might not find out about them until after you had wasted a lot of time, effort and money.


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Renting Shared Office Space

In some instances the rental space can range from a single cubicle or office to conference rooms. When looking for shared office space you should look at what amenities you get, the space options, and what it is going to cost per month. You should also look at the lease to make sure it is correct before you sign it. The first thing that you should do is decide what type of space you want to rent and how often you are going to use it during the week. If you are going to work every day you should consider renting a genuine office space.

If you just need a space where you can meet with your clients occasionally you should consider renting a meeting or conference room. If you just require that professional environment but do not need to meet with your clients you could rent a cubicle. How much a shared office space will cost you monthly all depends on what type of space you rent. Renting a cubicle is less expensive than renting an office with a door that you can lock when you are not there. The building where you are considering renting

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Geographic Micro-Markets in Real Estate

As if the old adage of “location, location, location” needs to be repeated ad infinitum, prospective home buyers will attempt to reduce the stress and confusion associated with house shopping by focusing solely on the amenities offered in each home. Unfortunately, when determining the value of a home, features like granite countertops and floor coverings are relatively insignificant when compared to the quality of the neighborhood in which a home is located.

In support of this point, both government assessors and private appraisers utilize the “comparable sales approach” to determine the value of a property. According to this method of valuation, the sizes and prices of homes sold in the surrounding neighborhood are analyzed to determine the worth of the subject property. Some weight will be attributed to the degree of features included in a house, but the value that amenities typically contribute towards a home’s determined worth is relatively nominal. This explains why a discrepancy in price between identical homes located in different geographic micro-markets can often amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars, while a home with unsurpassed amenities may be worth only thirty thousand dollars more than the basic home of similar size across

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Guaranteed Home Inspection Bliss

Home inspections are very important during the home buying process. Your licenced home inspector is quite skilled at discovering underlying problems with a structure.

If at all possible, make sure you are present when he or she is going over the house. Inspectors are great at explaining all of the little features of the house, especially when it comes to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

In addition to any problems your inspector may discover, they will also be able to show you where your water shut off valves are located.

Knowing where your shut off valves are located is extremely important in case one of your plumbing fixtures, or pipes, suddenly sprouts a leak.
For example, if your dishwasher ever decides to start flooding your floor you will know exactly where to go, and what to do, to turn the water off and minimize the water damage.

If your inspector does find a problem with the property you are buying, they usually have several ideas on how to correct the situation.

On the off chance that there are only a few problems and they are relatively minor, you may elect to correct

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Significance of Green Housing

One of the major reasons why so much of energy is being used in the houses is because of the so called “necessary” appliances, which people cannot do without. Rarely would you find a house today, where things, like computer, television or microwave, are not there. Another big issue in a house is the cooling and heating, which is needed. It is the cooling and heating systems which use almost sixty five percent of all the energy resources in a house. It is important to understand that green housing is not something concerned with cutting the requirement for cooling and heating. The idea behind green housing is to cut down reliance on the energy sapping devices or systems.

The good part is that a growing number of people wish to contribute and do their bit in solving the environmental issues and this is the reason why green housing and green living are getting increasingly popular. Having a green lifestyle does not imply that you have to stop using electrical appliances and instead, opt for only the solar panels. It is actually about making certain changes in your lifestyle to reduce the energy consumption. Green housing involves a

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