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New Home Buyers Beware

As you stroll up to the door of the model home in these communities you are often greeted by one of these cheerful agents who is happy to show you around the home(s) and tell you all about the features. Your first question of this Realtor should be, “Who do you represent, the buyer or the seller?” An easy answer for the agent is, “I can represent both you and the seller” – this is known as dual agency. In other words, the agent will simply fill out the paperwork for the transaction without advising either party as to what may be in his best interest.

As a buyer, you will fare much better in your transaction if you work with a Realtor who is representing ONLY you. This person is a Buyer’s Agent. Your Realtor will be negotiating for you, helping you to make important decisions with your best interest in mind, helping you to find the right home! Many people feel they are quite capable of making decisions without an agent; however, Buyer’s Agents solely represent the buyer and have a fiduciary duty to act in the buyer’s best interest throughout the transaction process. Licensed

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How to Pre-Qualify for a Home

Talk to the Decision Makers

There is nothing more frustrating than repeating yourself twice and investing a lot of time in someone who is not ultimately going to make the decision. However, assuming or implying that there is another party you should be talking to can violate fair housing laws. Simply ask if there will be anyone else involved in making the final decision. If there will be others involved then try to schedule a time to meet when all parties can be present.

Ask Some Basic Questions

Although you can verbally ask questions, you will likely get more out of a paper or online questionnaire. If they fill it out online, you know what to expect ahead of time. If they are filling it out in your office or at a property then leave them alone. If you stand there, they will keep asking questions and never get it filled in or else their answers simply won’t be thorough. A few questions to ask include:

  • When did you begin looking for a home?
  • Do you currently own a home or are you renting?
  • Is your current home already listed with another agent?
  • What lender are you
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Fortune With Real Estate

  • Residential: Containing either a single family or joint family, that is available for non-business purposes. There may be different types of housing tenure also, and the size of an apartment or house can be described in meters or square feet. But the area of “living space,” excluding the garage and other non-living spaces may differ in some countries.
  • Real Estate Investment: This Investment is the thing that generates income or is otherwise intended for investment purposes. Investors own multiple pieces of real estate, which serves as a primary residence.
  • Commercial: It is a property that is used the design for business solely. For instance, commercial estate includes restaurants, offices, parks, malls, gas stations and convenience stores
  • Industrial: The property that is used for industrial work. But it covers a vast range of business types and comes in all shapes and sizes. Industrial Real Estate includes single or double-storey buildings. Small industries have flexible interior space. Large industries include medium to large warehouses and factories that are designed to store goods or manufacture.

Fortunate Real estate agents, need to be familiar with their locality, reasons to increase or decrease property prices. For instance, if a new airport or road is

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Property Buyers


Being a home owner, it is your right as well as privilege to know your property buyers credentials beforehand itself. A reliable property buyer will ensure a smooth and transparent sale. While it is important that both sides are mutually aware of the property sale in question, you need to share mandatory information with your house buyers and keep all communication channels open and flowing for a step-by-step, peaceful and amicable transaction.


Before initiating a sale and reaching out to property buyers, it is important to keep yourself up-to-date regarding all matters pertaining to your property. Any house buyer will want to know that you have all of the relevant papers and supporting documents for your property. Therefore, it is pertinent to keep accurate records of all papers and supporting documents in a neat and organised manner for your property sale to go in a smooth and hassle-free way.


There are many reasons why you should insist on a location check along with property buyers beforehand. A professional house buyer helps you to gauge the true potential

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Consulting The Experts

Have you ever tried investing into certain personal properties in Las Vegas and end losing a large sum of money simply because you invested on something without consulting the experts? Choosing investments is a big challenge so you should not rely too much on your opinion. Yes, you may know a lot of things about certain investment opportunities but there are technical things that you might not easily understand which could lead you to investing in losing propositions. The rule is never rely solely on your own judgment when you are putting in large investments. Even experts would consult others when making big decisions so it is very important that you do not rely too much on your own judgment and hire experts to assist you in making important decisions such as putting up investments in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is currently experiencing an unpredicted boom that one would be tempted to invest in just about anything that they could find in Vegas especially on personal properties like stocks and bonds. It is all right to invest in stocks and bonds but you should never attempt to invest in stocks and bonds without consulting the experts if

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Find Green Homes for Sale

Utilize your personal connections

You may not be aware but someone you know might just be the key person to help you find the right green home for you. A relative, neighbor, friend, officemate, or even a coed in college might have the information you are looking for. Of course, this method is also a pretty exhaustive one as you really need to know which one of them holds the right information. To reduce efforts, know which one has recently purchased a home or is at least planning to buy his or her own house too. You could at least compare notes regarding prices, location, and features of the green home you are looking for.

Seek professional assistance

One of the best ways to look for your ideal green home is by seeking professional assistance. Real estate professionals lead the list of top-notch and expert persons who could help you in this endeavor. One or more properties in their selling lists might just be the green home you are looking for. Their professional interconnection will also open your doors to numerous other persons who could be of assistance to you.

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Points For Purchasers

A home inspection is an objective, visual examination of a home’s structure and operating systems, and should result in a report describing the overall condition of the home.

The main goal of a professional home inspection is to educate yourself about the home you intend to purchase, so that you can make a wise decision and help ensure that there will be fewer surprises later on.

The true cost of a home is the purchase price plus whatever it takes to restore or maintain the home in serviceable condition. Without a professional home inspection you may not be aware of the total cost of the home you are considering. It is essential to have an idea of what to expect – which defects are major, which are minor and the approximate cost of repair, before you commit yourself. Of course, a fair home inspection should also point out the positive aspects of a house, as well as whether or not the existing systems and structure are capable of providing for any changes or renovations you may have in mind.

In short, a home inspection provides you with the knowledge you need to make more informed

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Avoid an Investment Property Scam

To many people, taking the plunge, and investing in property for their future is a major leap of faith. Imagine how they must feel, if their investment turns out to be an investment property Scam?

Is there a way out of any Investment Property Scam?

The first thing to realise is that if you do feel you have been conned, you are probably not the only one. It may feel like it, and you may feel alone, stupid, cheated, and angry or embarrassed – some of the common emotions felt at this time.

But, these are the emotions that developers with crooked minds will encourage you to think. They hope that you will feel ‘suckered’, and just don’t want to tell anybody. In fact, with a clever scam, there may seem to be nothing to tell anyway, apart from your gut instinct, until you start digging.

But inertia is just what these criminals (and they usually are criminals) want you to think. In these circumstances, you must not hold it all into yourself. You must try and find if other people have been duped into a similar situation. You never know, you may be

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Buying A Pre-Construction Condominium

Developers tend to rework the designs of a unit’s layout as the job progresses. This is a necessity given the many changes that happen during construction. Purchase contracts are drafted to be advantageous. For instance, a late complex completion will force delays onto the purchaser. They may even be put into the position of occupying their unit while the proper permits are still being worked out, as well as certain aspects of the construction itself.

Buyers might also be victimized by developers that attempt selling off units that are in an early stage and still in possession of over 51 percent of the condominium project. As time passes, developers may find themselves unable to sell off the remaining units.

A condominium that can’t attract any new buyers will likely experience a major decline in the overall value of its units. After realizing there isn’t any major demand, developers will decide to rent out any unit that has gone unsold. The overall unit value then drops even lower.

It is advised that buyers consult with an experienced lawyer to insert conditions of their own into any purchasing contract. By determining a fixed completion date, the buyer

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Property Management Software

Property management software is a computer program or computer programs that serve to simplify, streamline, and otherwise facilitate the management of property you own or hope to own. The software is equipped with many useful functions to take care of costs, run tasks, oversee labor, and other helpful aspects. Property management, as the name suggests, is meant to deal with the proper management services and scrutiny of various properties. Nonetheless, property management is a particular discipline of defining and achieving targets in matters of properties. At the same time its primary purpose is to optimize the varied utilizations of resources including energy, space, time, people, technology and many others. But for every property management, time constraints play a major part in the whole process.

For every property management, work is conducted under the supervision of an individual property manager. It is the responsibility of the property manager to organize and supervise the work that needs to be done. There is a lot of software on the market that is designed to make a property manager’s job easier.

All the property works are primarily planned through the application of software that not only gives the virtual image

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