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Tips for a Quick House Sale

Find the right agent:

When it comes to estate agents you’re likely to be presented with a huge variety of options. Should you pick a high street estate agent or an online service? Should you go for a big name, national company or are you better to go with a local independent agent? The main thing is to do your research. Which estate agents have sold properties nearby recently? How quickly did the properties sell? Did they achieve a good price? All of this information can be gathered online using websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and land registry. Don’t just pick the cheapest service available, choose the agent that has the best knowledge of your area and who will be able to sell your property well.

Price it right:

Everyone likes to get excited about national headlines that refer to rising house prices, but it’s important to not get carried away by national stories and look at your local property market. Speak to a few different agents to get an idea of what your property might be worth, and also do your own online research – but make sure you look at ‘sold’ prices rather than ‘asking’ prices, as these are often very different! The price your estate agent suggests putting your house on the market for will not necessarily be the price they expect your property to achieve, so it’s important to ask your agent what figure you can realistically hope to achieve in terms of offers people are likely to make.

Present it well:

It might sound obvious, but it’s important that your property is presented well if you want to achieve a quick house sale. Make sure you finish off any DIY jobs and give the walls a fresh lick of paint if they’re looking a little tired. Don’t forget first impressions either – it’s been estimated that most potential buyers will decide on a property in the first five seconds, which doesn’t give them time to get much further than the front door. Make sure the front of the property is well presented and gives the right impressions of the property; if you’re aiming at family buyers make your property look friendly and homely, keep any front lawn area neat and tidy and optimise any parking facilities, or if you’re aiming at young professionals make sure your property looks smart yet easy to maintain.

Be flexible:

When it comes to price and timescales try to be as flexible as possible – of course you’re likely to have a minimum figure you can accept and timescales you hope to meet, but a bit of give and take when negotiating with a keen prospective buyer will get you far. If someone is offering you a couple of thousand pounds less that you would ideally like, but are able to move quickly, it’s worth seriously considering their offer – the property market is full of uncertainties so it’s sometimes better to accept less money for a more proceedable buyer, which leads us nicely on to…

Research your buyers:

This is part of the job that a good estate agent will carry out, so make sure you push them gather as much information about prospective buyers as possible. First time buyers and chain-free buyers tend to be the most desirable as they reduce the risk of your buyer pulling out due to chain collapse. First time buyers can also be very keen to move quickly and secure their first home, but they can also be quite nervous buyers, so that’s also worth keeping in mind. Your estate agent should be able to tell you how serious they are about buying your property by asking questions about the finance they have in place, what timescales they’re keen to work within and what their plans are for giving notice on their current accommodation. Knowing as much as you can about each buyer will help you to make the right decision about which potential buy best suits your circumstances and is most likely to deliver that highly desired quick house sale.